Monday, May 10, 2010

People Can See You When You Are In Your Car!

Smashly ( once again I would link to her, but I still haven't gotten that far on the computer yet) sent me a text and wants to petition me to blog again.

I see blogging like this ... You know how you drive around in your car and you think you're in your own personal little world? You can sing as loud as you want. Sometimes a little dance breaks out. And for some diggers, you think it's the perfect place to stick your finger in your nose up to the second knuckle and dig. While we are on this subject ... People can see you in your car. Which brings up a story. A friend of mine pulled out in front of a car in the neighborhood. She was busy chewing gum and thinking at the same time, so she wasn't thinking. The car had to slow down a little, not slam on the breaks, just move a foot slowing from one pedal to the other. This apparently is the worst thing that a person ever has to do, because this person was swearing and flipping off said friend. Here's the funny thing about this. All of said friends kids were in the car, and watched as a teacher from the local school was swearing and flipping their mom off because she had to slow down from 30 mph to 20 mph. I don't think this teacher would ever walk down the halls of the school with her middle finger up because a 5 year old turned into the hallway in front of her. But, somehow as soon as she got in her car, she didn't think anyone could see her and proceeded to be stupid. So.....

Well, when I was pregnant I was a digger. People irritated me and I would get on my computer and write, with no thought of who may get on the computer and bust me. Now that I have a little more control of my brain, it has crossed my mind that people can see me on my blog, just like they can see you in your car picking your nose (yeah I said you, don't act like you haven't done it). I have no problem posting for people who won't take offense, but you would be surprised who gets offended at what and why. People are seriously crazy, and sadly I know a lot of these people. I'm not sure that they have what it takes to read about themselves (even though I cleverly disguise names) on my blog.

So, the short answer, Smashly, is ... give me something to write about that won't offend anyone. I could write about your broken box springs and how they got broken. That may entertain a few people.

P.S. I made Maxton pose with his finger in his nose. He wasn't really about it. Even a 5 year old knows that they shouldn't stick their finger in their nose. Great picture though. Wow, I should go pro.