Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Chapter One

Here is the whole reason I set up a blog... Devon came home with a story yesterday that had me laughing for two days. Devon was late for school... he had a migraine. So, I was asking him what classes he was missing. He starts in on his crazy talk about history. I'm sort of listening... because like any great mother, I can listen to Devon, talk to Jimmy, do the dishes, eat breakfast and play ball with Quincy. So, Devon starts talking about not liking History right now because they are talking about slavery, and every time the teacher says something bad about it everyone turns and looks at Devon. (p.s. Devon is the last person in the world who would be on a black power poster. If someone thinks he's polynesian, he's fine with it. If they think he's mexican he's great with it. He DOES NOT care.) So, he's in his next class and they have free time... so in biology if you have free time apparently you gather around Devon's desk. Here comes the funny part (finally) this girl says to Devon ...
"oh my gosh, History is so sad... You are so brave."

This is the point where I perk up and say to Devon - "what are you brave for?"

"I guess I'm brave because I was a slave?"
"What did you say to the crazy girl?"
"I said that I knew I was brave."

Is this the funniest thing you have ever heard? That's like me walking up to a Jewish person and telling him he's mean right after I get out of Sunday school. Oops never mind, people do that. Ummmm... at this point I don't have anything good. But, it's still a funny story. Maybe for chapter two I will have you count the number of dots in Chapter One. ....... ........ ....... ........


carin davis said...

Devon is blessed with the most easy going...and adorable really...personality I know! Where did he get that from ;)

btw...your fav. music under your profile made me laugh!

dede said...

yea blog - I expect every post to be witty, hillarious, rude and colorful (so far you are right on track!!)

Amanda Godfrey said...

You only know crazy people!! That statement couldn't be more true. You are not kidding!! You go girl!! Devon is so funny. What in the world.