Monday, November 17, 2008

Don't volunteer

I succumbed to P.T.A. president pressure, something about doing something good for our community, if we want support from them??? ... I volunteered for P.E.R.C. today. It's in the dungeon at the Orem library. It stands for parent educational resource center. That says it all right there. Who does this sort of thing? This place was packed as full as my grandmas house with games, and kids crap. If it were my house I would have called D.I. to come and pick it all up. So, as a volunteer I got to count pieces to games and make sure they were clean and not torn... etc. etc. Some of these things have up to 1000 pieces.

Now here is the question.

Who in their right mind says - hey, I think I'll go to the library and rent a game with 1000 pieces from the old lady at the library who thinks that this is her personal library? Why would you even want a toy with this many pieces? And why would you borrow one? You would have to have kids like Blarin. And trust me, I don't know anyone else with kids like Blarin.

So, this lady was putting away a game, and she was so stressed about the pieces, and she mentions that it's a $300 game. Once again, WHY? It's not right to even rent something that expensive to someone without letting them know. You couldn't pay me enough.

I was feeling a little bad when I went to the library. A little nostalgia hit me because my mom took me to the library almost daily. I walked out of that place and said a big fat "good riddance". Oh, and get this I didn't even feel bad. Who can have all that stress of returning pieces and no rips, or coloring or food on things. You have to be superman to do that.

I did people a favor though. When they go to rent something they won't be able to find it. I just stuck things back where ever. You may want to rent the geography map with pieces for the whole world, but guess what ... I stuck it in the math section. That crazy lady was just sitting there making things up. I finished my work, because I am super volunteer, and I was praying to go home early, for a much needed nappy nap nap. So, as I'm grabbing my coat, she says " I guess you can do inventory"...


Yeah that's right she wants me to re-scan the entire room in case someone brought something back that didn't get checked in. This is like my grandma cracking walnuts. It's crazy talk. No wonder they stick this lady in the basement... she's crazy.

So, I am writing this down so that I will remember that I am never volunteering for anything again. I don't care how many crazy people need saving... I'm not doing it.

(yeah, that's right, now that I can add photos watch out. I thought since I was speaking on crazy, I would add Devon, who apparently was messing with the iphoto booth)

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