Monday, November 3, 2008

I look hot in dirty pink, or maybe it's mauve?

I have a blog-o-lema.

The truth is this -- I really know some seriously crazy people... but if I write about the crazies on my blog the chances are that they will read about themselves and kill me. I'm going to have to solve this issue. Maybe I will have to use false names. People need to be warned, right?

So, here is my first warning... be careful about the comments you leave on your sister in law's blog... We will call her "blarin" because she will make you do stuff in return for her doing stuff. That's my warning... and while I'm at it don't you think it's a little odd (crazy) that she wears a new pair of pajamas every night? I've worn the exact pair of pajamas for ... count them ... 15 years. And it may even have been 3 or 4 years since I've washed them. What about that "blarin"? And here's the other thing... My husband thinks that they are HOT. He tried to mock them the other day, and instead ended up saying that he really liked them. What about that? When I figure out how to put pictures on this blog you had better watch out... because I am putting a picture of my hot pajamas up so that ya'll can run out and get some, so that your husband will think you are HOT too.

I will admit that I have tried to change from my pretty jamas, but when it comes down to having a hot night, or feeling comfy, or if I'm sick, or if I'm having a "fat" day (which is surprisingly often) I go right on back to my tried and true trusted pajamas.

So, in closing... crazy people change their pajamas everyday.


carin davis said...

i am CRAZY!!!
AND i am laughing out loud!

btw...just because you are funny- you don't get out of your challenge!

dede said...

I can't wait to hear my "code name" - and Blarin is crazy - I wear my pj's for a week before I throw them out!

Amanda said...

This is all funny because I currently wear Blarin's old pj's. My favorite are the pink poka dot ones!!! As long as people keep changing there clothes, I will keep lookin hot in them!