Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Guess who's coming to the white house

I'm not a big political follower... but I'm just saying this... you couldn't pay me enough to be the president right now.

I think I'm actually happy for McCain for being able to get out of this mess. If I were him I'd be doin' a little dance right now.

I love that the big B thinks that he can save America. I say there are some things that only crazy people can do, that's why I hang out with so many crazies. Some times they aren't clever enough to know that things aren't possible. I kind of like that.

Did you listen to the speech? He's already saying that it probably can't be done in one term... he's setting you up for another term... smart and crazy! Wow! I was impressed by the graciousness though. At least I'll be paying all those taxes to a well spoken, gracious man.

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