Friday, November 14, 2008

txt u ltr

Who came up with LOL and what in the world would you need to use it for? Is it really that much effort to text " you is one funny girl"?

I'm a fan of the text sometimes. There are places for it ... church, P.T.A. meetings, when you have no social skills and want to say something to someone, but don't like them enough to call. I actually text all the time, and consider myself quite the text queen. Okay fine, I did have to take lessons from my not so clever 15 year old, but all the same I can put out a quick text when called upon.

I just don't understand the text talk. y r u going 2 cali? This seems so illiterate to me. I have to put full punctuation in and spell it correctly, which may take me an extra 30 seconds (idk because I haven't timed it). At least it's not like my relief society president texting... cum 2 nite @ church. I ran to the church so fast you can't believe it. Who would have thought I could move that fast, but I'm not one to pass up the big "O"... and at the church no less. I am all about experimentation. One time at the B.Y.U. library...

Back to the R.S. Pres... It turns out that she could have just typed Come to the church at 7 for a meeting, and we all could have saved ourselves a lot of embarrassment.

I have a friend, um... Smalyssa, who types ha-ha after almost every text. I have a theory on this... If you have to tell someone that your are funny, then you probably aren't. Or you think that whoever you're texting is so dumb that they can't understand your funny story.

Which brings me right on back to LOL. I'm LMAO. Explain the reasoning behind this.

Oh, and P.S. texting is not a word. If you are p.c., which I really want to be, you should just say text. I learned this from the bst txtr evr ... Smalyssa.

P.S.S. The picture was just to see if I could figure out how to do it... That's not Smalyssa, that's Blarin and Tophie! ha-ha. I would have put in another one, but I'm not that clever yet. So, alas it can not be changed. Sorry Blarin about my photography... it would be a better picture of you, if you taught me how to use my camera.

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dede said...

maybe this is the one time LOL is ok - because I really was LOLing - my kid even came to check on me!