Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Sisters Most Embarrassing Moment

My sister, "Panda", had her most embarrassing moment in her 30 year life. So, I decided to record it. (Because, that's the kind of great sister that I am!)

A neighbor has been buggin' and buggin' Panda, and Randa (her husband) to sign up for pre-paid legal. (this is a different blog). Anyway, this lady has called and called. So, Randa caved and told her she could come and give the spill (is it really spill or schpeel?) So, Panda's house is torn up,(surprise), because she is remodeling the kitchen. The lady comes over and is sitting in the disaster, and it must be a disaster if Panda says it is.

Samoa, Panda's one year old, comes in and hands the lady something. She opens her hand and Samoa gives her a bloody pad. Yeah, that's right, you heard me - he hands her a bloody pad. Say it together ---GROSS--- So, Panda grabs the pad as quick as she can from the lady, and proceeds to turn 15 shades of red. Which I think is a totally legit thing to do, except for I wouldn't have grabbed the pad. I would have just turned 15 shades of red.

To the ladies credit, she does not start crying, and she doesn't puke, (which is what I would have done) she washes her hands and takes Randa's check for her pre-paid legal and leaves.

So, Panda goes to pick the girls up from gymnastics and is thinking the whole way over about how terrible this whole ordeal is. She can't figure out where Samoa got the pad. Because she hasn't used a pad for a week. She starts thinking and thinking and realized that the pad was nice and fresh blood.... once again-- GROSS. Then it comes to her. A couple of hours before, she had made hamburgers and the bloody pad was from the bottom of the hamburger meat.

So, Panda goes home and calls the lady and lets her know that it's not real blood, just cow blood. Which by the way is still --- GROSS. But, not as gross.


dede said...

ok - that was funny (I am laughing at Panda - I mean with Panda!)! Now tell one about Blarin!

Red Bull said...

my question is why call back??

Red Bull said...

p.s red bull is me...Sharon!!

carin davis said...

it is ALWAYS fun and adventure with cute lil' Samoa!!!!!! poor Panda!!! you need a Pede story!?

Amanda said...

Dear Red Bull, I had to call back because hello, I will see this lady every week at church. Do I want every time that I see her for her to think, Hey that's the mom that lets her kids play with dirty bloody pads. I don't think so. Knowing my luck she will be my new visting teacher soon.

Michel (Yo Mama) said...

dear blarin... I'm looking for a good cece...(I had already thought of a name for her, for when I find a story) story!!!