Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Still ranting... people who are late are rude.

So... I am late sometimes. I seem to be late for church more often than not. Just by a minute or two. I am always late to the Dr.s family parties. I am sometimes late to my own family parties. I am late to P.T.A. meetings most of the time.

I am on time to the movies, or meeting a friend, or picking up my kids, or getting them to school.

Do you see the pattern? I choose to be late to things. I don't want to listen to the Dr.s dad sometimes, so I'm late to his parties. I don't want to sit at church any longer than I have to... so I'm late, hoping I can sit in the comfortable chairs in the foyer. I am late to my own family parties, because sometimes the drama of the momma and the papa can be too much for me to want to take. I am late to P.T.A meetings because when they start, they hold up a four inch flag and say the pledge of allegiance... and no one laughs, except for me. Not to get off subject, but this is the craziest thing I have ever seen... A group of fully grown women standing up and facing a four inch flag and saying allegiance to begin a P.T.A. meeting. It's almost creepy.

Any who.... Being late is rude. There's no other way to get around it. I have tried. I have a couple of late people in my life. And when I say late... I mean late by like 3 or 4 hours. And one of them is so late sometimes, that she doesn't even show up for a week.

I love these people (to a point) but being pregnant, I find I can't take it. I am tired and I am hungry, and when I have to wait for someone else for hours before I can sleep or eat. I can't take it. I know you think that I should be able to eat or sleep without the help of others. But, here's the story... someone says "let's do lunch a 12:00." So, you don't eat, thinking there will be food in the near future. You call said person and they say "I'm walking out the door" So, you still don't eat. Pretty soon it's 1:00. You call again, and they have the excuse, someone came over... I'm putting my shoes on and getting in the car. It's 2:00. And then look who shows up by 3:00. Why lie about getting right in the car? There are some things to lie about... like "yeah, you look great in that new dress"... "I didn't take that cookie" "I didn't sleep with your husband". Do you not know that it's going to take you 3 hours to get in the car? Do you really think that you are headed right to the car? Did you really just lose track of 3 hours while you put your shoes on?

I take responsibility at some point because I believe in them every time. When I tell someone I am going to do something, I do it and I believe that the people around me will too. So...

This is a constant in my life. So, I'm open to suggestions. When is late too late?

Is there a grace period that you give late people?

Is there an excuse that is acceptable? i.e. I had a headache, I fell asleep?

Should I take this all personally? Am I breeding late people?


carin davis said...

when food is involved...15 min. MAX...unless it is me that is late :)
when it is waiting for your photographer to get you your pictures...2 years is perfectly acceptable! :)

dede said...

I am so mad I missed the PTA meeting this morning - I had no idea they did the pledge - I will forevermore (is that one word? if not, it should be) think of you while the pledge is being said (in fact, I am forwarding your blog to our PTA pres! right now!) And, yes, you should take it personally!

peewee said...

Here's my honest opinion, and since you don't know me, you can be all "pffff..WHATEVER!"

I find when I am THAT late, it's because for whatever reason I just don't REALLY wanna go. It's not always the person, (though that CAN be the case) but it's usually when I say yes the day before and then that day I'm like distracted and engrossed in work (facebook) (blogs) and then don't really wanna go, or I'm tired, or cranky. etc.

Now SOME people (my mother) just can NEVER get the act together.

so here's what is tried and true for me...

-In the latter, when she says noon...I count on three. If she's on time (1 in 20) I'm not. TAKE THAT!

-in the former, just be like, " big deal, Im just gonna go eat now, and then we can meet up some other time, sigh." and THEn they will either
A. be relieved or
B. BOOK it cuz they now feel bad.

Fell free to come to me for any other advice. After all, I am of POST college graduate intellingence :) (read dede's blog for clarification on that!)